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Buy From us. Our work is Amazing

We look forward to serving you. We love what we do and we want your business to succeed. 

We manufacture and ship high-quality signs to anywhere in the U.S. We offer wholesale pricing and have been selling direct to customers with 100% positive feedback since 2012.

Wholesale prices give you the excellent option to save money and get high-quality signs.

It is our mission to provide high-quality LED signs that are manufactured by a passionate team dedicated to helping your business thrive. 

Our company oversees the manufacturing of great LED business signs. Our highly experienced team has the experience required to guarantee that our clients are completely satisfied with our services provided.

"Great customer service, honest and fair pricing, and superior quality LED signs are one of my main goals to serve businesses across the U.S."
Nestor Vazquez

4 Reasons we offer valuable service

Fair Pricing

Wholesale price is given to all, we don't overcharge nor try to charge you based on business type, zip code, or location.
The traditional sign company usually has a sales team that earns money by commissions. This means that they profile potential customers by type of business, zip code, and location to find who can pay more.
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Real Reviews

We love honesty. We have many happy customers that will give you a real recommendation.
The traditional sign company usually hires other companies that will create misleading advertisements and fake google reviews.
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Guaranteed Completion Date

We can guarantee a completion date in writing or your sign/service will be 50% off of the normal price.
The traditional sign company usually finds excuses and people to blame when not completing in time (this is normal for them). We like challenges and you are rewarded if we fail to complete your project in time.
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Small Deposit

We are confident that our signs are of superior quality that we can start any job with as low as a 20% deposit.

3 easy steps when buying a LED sign

Great service & High Quality

Step 1

Your Project is very important for us. The design process is a fundamental step to present you with a mock-up design with the sign’s overall dimensions to give you a good preview of your new awesome sign.

Electrical diagram pictures are also included with every design so that each design is guaranteed to be used for city permits and landlord  Approvals. 

Step 2 Manufacturing

High quality is our top priority when manufacturing a sign. 
Our passionate team will work on your project to deliver superior quality LED signs that include the following excellent benefits:  
  • Waterproof UL listed ultra-bright LEDs to make your sign outstand from other signs in the area
  • Waterproof Power Supplies 
  • high-quality materials exclusive for commercial use.
  • Custom and Unique signs
  • Signs are always ready to install outdoors/indoors
  • High Impact Acrylic Faces   
  • Aluminum Backing and returns
  • High-quality vinyl graphics (if needed)

Step 3 Installation

Signs are completed in a timely manner and ready to be installed by professional installers.

Not a Local Customer?

Mostly Every business contractor knows someone who can install a sign and/or get a city permit.

You can hire a contractor or ask for bids from local sign companies to install the sign for you.

We will be happy to assist you in locating an installer in your area.

Our clients

We currently sell our products and services to awesome new customers, Graphic Designers, contractors, and even other sign companies that resell our High-Quality LED business signs.

Patrick Martin - Quickset Jewelry

Multiple locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

“Thanks so much, sign looks so AWESOME!! Best looking sign in the center! YES, we will do more business... Thanks Again you are the BEST sign company in DFW"

Benny - Convenience Store

Multiple locations

"I will definitely give you more business."

Dan Kant - Restaurant

Little Rock, Arkansas

“I have tried other companies, but this one is certainly the best. Great quality, my sign is the brightest in the shopping center"

Pamela Little - Event Center

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I'm in love with my sign!! Thank you very much!! I will have another project for you very soon!!!

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